Empire Stage

Theater Location

1140 North Flagler Dr. 1/4 mile north of Sunrise
Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33304

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Performing at Empire Stage (Jan 3 - Feb 2)

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes


For anyone who's ever found themselves staring at their partner - wondering what in the world happened to that hot, handsome man they first started dating - playwright Chris Weikel is happy to explain in his own twisted bedtime story. Set in the wilds of New York's East Village, Pig Tale explores some of our worst dating fears - including committment, cuddling, and settling down together in a hilarious, sexy, urban faerie tale with a twist. Johnny and Dave have been dating casually until one night, upon returning from their favorite leather bar, Dave turns into a pig - literally! Will the morning after turn into happily ever after? Can Johnny's stoner friend Kyle or the mysterious Trannie from down the street help? Now challenged with having to care for Dave and finding a way to turn him back into a man, Johnny discovers that the true fairy tale transformation might need to be his own.

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Empire Stage

Empire Stage is an artist-driven collective that produces new and existing works for the diverse audiences of Ft Lauderdale, including the LGBT and Senior populations. We are committed to presenting dynamic works originating from both the New York City and South Florda theatrical communities. It is our goal to offer theater artists a supportive environment where they can collaborate, take risks and develop as writers, as directors, as actors, as designers and as producer.

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