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Performing at Main Street Players (Feb 8 - Mar 3)


The Main Street Players’ 2013 season begins with the newly revised version of the Carbonell winning Broadway comedy, Cheaters, by Michael Jacobs.  The Main Street Players has been honored by playwright Michael Jacobs, creator/producer of television series including Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, Dinosaurs, Charles in Charge and My Two Dads, to present this world premier at the Main Street Playhouse. This relational comedy presents three couples (and then some…) traversing very different experiences of love. Allen (Manny Catalino) and Michelle (Andrea Bovino) have been living together for eighteen months. Michelle thinks they should marry; Allen isn't sure. His hesitancy and her drastic response drives them both home to their parents for advice. Michelle's parents (Robert Anderson and Clara Lyzniak) may be stuck in an apathetic marriage but they love their daughter dearly. Allen’s parents (Francine Burns and Richard Cifuentes) barely tolerate one another and thus have very different opinions on the matter of marriage. The pieces fall uproariously into place when the parents decide to meet the young lovers over dinner to lend their maturity and experience for the benefit of their children's relationship. Suddenly these worlds collide unexpectedly, in this hilarious treatise on family, fidelity, forgiveness, and finding our own way. Cheaters, cast in Miami by Jacobs and directed by LaVonne Canfield with assistance by Breeza Zeller, opens February 8th and runs through March 3rd.

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'The Mission of Main Street Players is to provide enrichment and entertainment to our multicultural audience as well as offer a professional outlet for artistic talents in the South Florida theater community. We encourage local adults and children to express their creativity by promoting education and interest in the arts.'

-Mission Statement, Main Street Players


Main Street Players vision is to bring bold, innovative, and relevant theater to the South Florida community.

-Vision, Main Street Players

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