Kutumba Theatre Project (PROFESSIONAL ADULT THEATRE COMPANY performing in Ft Lauderdale Children's Theatre space)

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2452B E. Sunrise Blvd
Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33304

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The Beebo Brinker Chronicles

Performing at Kutumba Theatre Project (PROFESSIONAL ADULT THEATRE COMPANY performing in Ft Lauderdale Children's Theatre space) (Sep 6 - Sep 29)

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


"This play is bawdy and salacious, full of suggestive language, sexual situations, even a little nudity - all for a cause that is both winningly witty and emotionally sensitive." Boca Magazine John Thomason (reviewer for New Times, also)

"Kudos to Kutumba Theatre Project for adding spice to what can sometimes be bland theatre in South Florida with their production of The Beebo Brinker Chronicles." Edge Miami Kathryn Ryan

"Steamy, sultry and sexy, Kutumba Theatre Project's production of The Beebo Brinker Chronicles is a kitschy flashback...delightfully satisfying, with lots of pulp and plenty of juice...has the potency to whet other appetites."  - SFGN Mary Damiano

"Director Ehly and a strong cast mine Beebo Brinker for not only its noir-style humor, but for the sobering, resonant truths about the characters' search for happiness in a judgmental world." - Miami Herald Christine Dolen

The Beebo Brinker Chronicles is a lesbian pulp fiction play set in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, based on three novels by Ann Bannon, one of which was the second best selling paperback of 1957. The Beebo Brinker Chronicles’ world premiere production in Manhattan enjoyed sold out audiences for the entire run.

“Set in pre-Stonewall Greenwich Village, The Beebo Brinker Chronicles celebrates the era when 'the love that dares not speak its name' began breaking the old rules. Fueled by booze and furtive sex, the play follows the lives and loves of Laura, Beth and Beebo as they navigate uncharted territories of desire. Beth and Laura, secret lovers in college, went separate ways after graduation: Beth married and had children, Laura moved to New York. Both pine for each other, but before they can reunite, they find themselves entangled in the web of Beebo Brinker...”

The Beebo Brinker Chronicles runs from September 6, 2013 until September 29, 2013. Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm. All performances at Galleria Studio Theatre located in the Galleria Mall (also known as The Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre), 2542B E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. Parking for the theatre is in LIME PARKING section 3J.

Phone number: 954-646-1000. For tickets visit: www.brownpapertickets.com. General Admission: $25 per ticket. Starring: Niki Fridh, Rayner G. Garranchan, Christina Groom, Blaze Powers, Matt Stabile, and Sandi M. Stock.

Theater Information

Kutumba Theatre Project (PROFESSIONAL ADULT THEATRE COMPANY performing in Ft Lauderdale Children's Theatre space)

About Kutumba Theatre Project: www.facebook.com/kutumbatheatreproject   The Beebo Brinker Chronicles is the second production for Kutumba Theatre Project. Kim Ehly, founder of Kutumba Theatre Project,  is a 30 year veteran of the theatre and has worked in film, TV, and theatre in NYC, LA, and South Florida. Kim has a BFA from FAU in Acting/Directing. Baby GirL, KTP’s first outing, received critical acclaim and enjoyed sold out audiences. “Kutumba” has various meanings in many languages and they all resonate with the mission of the Kutumba Theatre Project. Kutumba: to leap, to strut proudly, a unique bond amongst community members, family or kin. Kutumba Theatre Project is a collective focusing on works and the development of works that give a voice to the LGBT community, women's interests, and other underserved communities.

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