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Brothers Beckett

Performing at Arsht Center Ziff Ballet Opera House (Mar 7 - Mar 24)


 David Michael Sirois has the happy facility to find humor in the most mundane things; someone closes a door and the house rocks with laughter. And it's like this for all of the hundred minute run of Brothers Beckett, written by Sirois and starring himself and his real life best friend, Mark Della Ventura.

Two no-hoper brothers living in an NYC walkup, overly educated but getting nowhere. Brad (Sirois) had a full run at Yale and now, at 32, he's happy to be unemployed (waiting for a job as a Philosopher) in the top bunk above his younger brother and working only at increasing his casual conquests. Twenty three slash marks on the wall above his bunk denote the maidenly trophies. His younger brother, Kevin (Gabe Hammad) has a Master's in Playwrighting, bunks below, is crazy in love with Tuesday (Ashley Price) who's just graduated from the U of M with an economics degree and is coming to stay for a week with the brothers.

Dr Joyce Elliot (Julie Daniels) is a TV weather girl who's one of the guys. She hangs around with the brothers, buys them food and stuff and is just so Gabe Hammad Kevin Beckett  Mark Della Ventura Doug 2 by Justin NamonxxxGabe Hammad, Mark Della Ventura well grounded. Hanging also is the boys' next door neighbor, Doug (Mark Della Ventura) who's a scatological delight and prime time inhabitant of their toilet.

So it's boys get girls, boys lose girls etc, etc and so on and on and it's all so well written, directed and acted that this play, premiering first in Alliance Theatre Lab's small studio in Miami Lakes in 2011, has moved with barely a twitch to the big time of the Carnival Studio space.

Adalberto J. Acevedo directed once again and, as is usual with his projects, all is smoothly natural.

David Sirois Brad Beckett  Gabe Hammad Kevin Beckett by Justin NamonxxxxDavid Sirois, Gabe Hammad You have to stand up and cheer for Sirois, not only for his acting, but also for his writing. What could be a door slamming sit com is anything but. It's hilarious, sure, but the quiet moments always ring true.

And if you're standing up for Sirois, you'd better be jumping on your chairs for Della Ventura. He's an actor, who, like Sirois, is a master of comic timing. But more than that, once you see him on stage you want to be his best friend. I guess that's called stage presence. A gift from the gods, indeed.

The others in the cast work well and although it's a tough thing being on stage with an all star duo, Brother Beckett remains a show that's a persistent delight.

Set and technical design by Jodi Dellaventura, sound by Howard Ferre and lighting by Herman G. Montero and all are just right.

Brothers Beckett plays through March 24 in the Carnival Studio Theater at the Arsht Center, 1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami. 305-949-6722


"Brothers Beckett is that rarity, a play that speaks resonantly to its young characters' contemporaries while entertaining a much broader audience." - The Miami Herald

Kevin Beckett, Yale alumnus, is awaiting the arrival of his beloved girlfriend named Tuesday, who will be spending a perfect week with him and his roommate/brother, Brad. When Kevin divulges to Brad that he plans on proposing, Brad tries to find any way possible to keep his brother from moving out of their bunk-bedded, pink-walled studio apartment.

A hilarious and irreverent riff on friendship, family, and adult boys who don't want to grow up, Brothers Beckett is a satirical portrait of slacker siblings laced with sharp banter and dark humor, written by Alliance Theater Lab's own Carbonell Award-nominated resident playwright, David Michael Sirois.

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