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1140 North Flagler Drive Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301
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Triton Talent  presents Both Sides of a Famous Love Affair:The Jackie Mason Musical! 

Both Sides of a Famous Love Affair:The Jackie Mason Musical begins  at a deli in Miami in 1977, where Jackie – a renown 46 year old Comedian,(played by David R. Gordon),  spots twenty-something Ginger (played by Jackie’s own daughter – comedian Sheba Mason). Along for the ride is her overbearing mom, Mrs. Olivier, (Cherrill Rae),  and a hilarious cast of six. Soon Jackie is wooing her each winter whenever he’s in South Florida churning up laughs with the South Beach set. The trouble is, Jackie is also wooing  Trixie (Yanet Felipe) - a ravishing young Latina Rascal House server,  and Rosa (Fern Katz)- a "mature" Rascal House server with attitude - a fact that sends Ginger into romantic distress.  After 10 years, she becomes pregnant, Jackie denies his paternity, while still yearning to be with her, and a complicated relationship begins, including Sheba’s own love for the man she knows is her father and whom she wishes she knew.  Rounding out the cast are Scott Travis as Wooley the Schlepalong, and Johnbarry Green as Nelson Zee.  The Original Score  includes “Ode to the Early Bird Special” and “I Never Met This Yenta”, written by Ginger Reiter, the girl in the eye of the comedic storm, who also produces and directs the show.