Frequently Asked Questions




Ticket Purchase Policy

The Cultural Connection sells tickets on behalf of promoters, venues and event planners. The Cultural Connection does not have any role whatsoever in setting the ticket prices, determining seating locations or availability of tickets. Policies set by our clients prohibit us from issuing exchanges or refunds after a purchase has been made. Upon completion of your credit card authorization, a confirmation will be sent directly to you at the email address you provided and to the theatre to which you subscribed with your payment. Bring the same credit card used for purchase to the Will-Call ticket counter to claim your tickets for that evening's show. Cut off time for purchasing online tickets is 5:00 PM on the day of the performance. Events may be cancelled or postponed by the promoter, performer or venue for a variety of reasons. The Cultural Connection is not responsible for any such cancellations or postponements. If the event is cancelled, please contact the Cultural Connection for information on receiving a refund from the responsible party,



Is The Cultural Connection site secure?

The Cultural Connection uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to encrypt the information entered on your secure order form prior to transmission over the Internet. SSL is the industry standard for secure server commerce transactions. You can place your order online without interception; however you must use an SSL compliant browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft's Internet Explorer.



Service Fees

How much is the service fee?

The Cultural Connection presents a low priced, internet-based ticket distribution service offering Same-Day Discount Theatre tickets. Our processing and handling costs incur a service fee of $5.00 per ticket. This fee contributes $2 to WLRN and $1 to the Theatre League of South Florida, with the balance of $2.00 covering the cost of providing this service.



Payment Method

Which Credit Cards can I use to make a purchase?

The Cultural Connection accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Can I purchase more tickets for an event using the same credit card?

The Cultural Connection accepts only one purchase per credit card per event, with a limit of 8 tickets maximum. If you already bought tickets for an event, you cannot make an additional purchase for that event using the same credit card. The Cultural Connection instituted this policy in order to protect customers from accidentally making more than one purchase for a single event. As a protection to the subscriber and the Cultural Connection, the credit card used for purchase must be presented to the Will-Call Window on the Same-Day to make a printed impression of your card information. This impression will not be used for any other purpose than for positive identification and filing of the imprint for protection and verification in processing the transaction.



My Credit Card is not being processed.

I receive an error message after entering my credit card information.

The Credit Card Processing company reads your information exactly as it is listed on your billing statement. Please refer to your monthly statement to be sure all information is entered exactly as printed on your statement.



What does Will-Call mean?

Will-Call indicates tickets that are to be picked up at the location of the event just prior to entry. The tickets will be held under the name appearing on the credit card used to make the purchase.


Where are Will-Call tickets picked up?

Will-Call orders are generally picked up at the venue box office or point of entry immediately prior to the event or after doors open, unless otherwise noted.


When can I pick up my tickets?

Will-Call tickets may be picked up a maximum of one (1) hour prior to entry time.


Can somebody else pick up my tickets?

The Cultural Connection allows only the holder of the original credit card used to make a ticket purchase to pick up the tickets. Credit Cards are non-transferable.


Do I need the confirmation code to pick up my tickets?

No. The original purchasing credit card is used to confirm your name on the Will-Call list. No other form of identification is required and, for security reasons, no other form of identification is accepted.


Mail Order

The Cultural Connection is for Same-Day Discount Theatre tickets and is available only via this website, with tickets to be picked up at the theatre's Will-Call location on the Same Day.



Confirmation Code

What is the purpose of the confirmation code?

The Cultural Connection uses this code to reference your sales transaction. In the event that you have any inquiries about your order, you can use the confirmation code to check the status of your order.


How do I get my confirmation code?

A confirmation code is generated when your credit card is successfully processed. Upon approval, the web page will issue you a confirmation number.


I didn't receive a confirmation code. Did my order go through?

If you did not receive a confirmation code after completing all other steps of the transaction, please assume your order did not go through. Then contact our theatre partner, to confirm your purchase.


I didn't receive a confirmation code. Why was my credit card charged?

Upon submission of an order, the Cultural Connection verifies that the funds against which the tickets are being purchased are indeed available. At that time, a temporary hold is placed on the necessary funds. This hold can last from one to five days, depending on your bank. If the ticket order is not completed, the funds will be released.



Refund and Exchange Policy

What is The Cultural Connection's refund policy?

The Cultural Connection policy allows for refunds only if the event for which you purchased tickets was cancelled or rescheduled.


Can I exchange my tickets for a different date or time?

The Cultural Connection policy does not allow for exchanges.


If an event for which I purchased tickets is cancelled, how do I get a refund?

If the event is cancelled, your credit card will be automatically refunded for the entire purchase, including the service fee. Please notify the Cultural Connection administrators at if you have purchased tickets for an event that was cancelled.



Error Messages

After completing the Order Form and hitting the "I Agree to Pay The Cultural Connection" button, I receive an error message. What should I do?


Error messages indicate two different situations:

1. Inaccurate information, or

2. Technical difficulty

In the event that you receive an error message of the first type, please recheck your order form to ensure that all information is accurate. Please keep in mind that the address on your order form must precisely match the billing address of the credit card being used to make the purchase. In the event that you receive an error message of the second type, please wait a few minutes and try to submit your order again.



Links to Third Party Sites

What if I find undesirable material on a site linked out from the Cultural Connection?

During your use of this Site you may be linked to other third party Sites on the World Wide Web. The Cultural Connection has no control over these sites and no responsibility whatsoever for the content contained within them. The Cultural Connection cannot guarantee, represent or warrant that the content contained in these sites is accurate, legal, and/or inoffensive. Links to and from The Cultural Connection to other sites maintained by third parties do not constitute an endorsement by The Cultural Connection of any third party resources or their contents, nor does The Cultural Connection warrant that they will not contain computer viruses or otherwise impact your computer. By using the Site to search for or link to another site, you agree and understand that you may not make any claim against The Cultural Connection for any damages or losses resulting from your use of this Site to link to another site. If you have a problem with a link from the Site, please notify us at and we will investigate your claim and take any actions we deem appropriate in our sole discretion.