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Waiting for Godot

Performing at Evening Star Productions (Apr 20 - May 7)

Runtime: 2 Hours


Waiting for Godot is considered the masterpiece of existentialism, in which Samuel Beckett explores the fultility of man's hope. 


In Waiting for Godot, two wandering tramps, Vladimir and Estragon, wait by a lonely tree, to meet up with Mr. Godot, an enigmatic figure in a world where time, place and memory are blurred and meaning is where you find it. The tramps hope that Godot will change their lives for the better. Instead, two eccentric travelers arrive, one man on the end of the other's rope. The results are both funny and dangerous in this existential masterpiece. 


"It is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. But you can expect witness to the strange power this drama has to convey the impression of some melancholy truths about the hopeless destiny of the human race. " - Brooks Atkinson, NY Times

Although "Waiting for Godot" is a "puzzlement," as the King of Siam would express it, Mr. Beckett is no charlatan. He has strong feelings about the degradation of mankind, and he has given vent to them copiously. "Waiting for Godot" is all feeling. Perhaps that is why it is puzzling and convincing at the same time. Theatregoers can rail at it, but they cannot ignore it. For Mr. Beckett is a valid writer." - Brooks Atkinson, NY Times 

"...a witty and poetic conundrum" - Philip Hope-Wallace, The Guardian 

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Evening Star Productions

Evening Star Productions' mission is to provide practical experience, education, and support for young performers desiring to pursue a career in theatre.

Evening Star Productions will offer serious young adult actors, stage managers, and designers the opportunity to push the boundaries of their knowledge and talent in a safe and highly professional environment; enable them to prepare for college, regional, and professional theatre companies; and offer them the opportunity to be critiqued by regional professionals and critics to receive objective evaluations vital to their personal and professional growth. 

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